Version 5.2.1

Build: 5.2.1-548

Release date: 02.06.2010

This is a new bug fix release of Prosys Sentrol.


  • TPsEventLog.InitializeFromStorage to load data from the table only if it exists.

  • Set TPsCustomStorageConnector.Storage in TPsCustomStorageConnector.AfterConstruction - when the design time flag is set, and it does not force the component being activated.

  • TPsCustomConnector.LinkError called HandleExcption incorrectly!

  • TPsOPCProvider.FindItem must lock the Address Space

  • TPsOPCAlloc.CAllocMem raised ERangeError with Offset>65535, affecting groups (client and server side) bigger than 4095 items

  • TPsImage.OnGetImageIndex can be used to define an index for bad value

Version 5.2.0

Build: 5.2.0-540

Release date: 26.02.2010

This is a new minor release of Prosys Sentrol.


  • TrendForm in Tutorial Lesson 4 project

New properties

  • TPsCustomConnector.TransactionalUpdate - available in most connectors. Write all links (e.g. in OPCConnector read transaction) before calling the OnChange events - so that the order of the links does not matter.

Note that using the property may help you in some situations but it may change the behavior of your application in others. See the help for more information (e.g. TPsOPCConnector.TransactionalUpdate).

New procedures/functions

  • TPsOPCConnector.WriteValue - helps writing an OPC value directly

  • TPsOPCServer.ValidateItem & ValidateItems - enable validation without TPsOPCGroup


  • TPsByteArray.GetAsDataType checks now for NAN float values and returns PsBadFloatValue instead

  • TPsByteArray.CSVToBytes, when the array was empty

  • Catch exceptions from TPsVar & TPsVarLink events and reraise them with an EPsVarException that helps to locate the problem in your application code

  • TPsVarForm.HideEmptyModules caused memory errors

  • TPsVarForm details

  • TPsHistorians did not load data from Access databases

  • TPsWideHistorian design time behavior

  • TPsHistoryArray.ClearValues must also ClearStats

  • TPsChartAxis with single values and automatic mode

  • Enabled/AutoEnable functionality in visual controls

  • Plus a number of smaller details, as usual

Version 5.1.0

Build: 5.1.0-516

Release date: 23.09.2009

This is a new minor release of Prosys Sentrol.


  • Support for CodeGear Delphi 2010 & C++Builder 2010


  • TPsVarForm is greatly improved, for example to enable editing and better display of array values, so it is finally "ready for production"

  • TPsPersistentListEditDlg (Connector Link editors, etc.) remembers the editor settings (window bounds & column widths) and does not display the module name for components on the same form/data module

New properties

  • TPsCustomStorage.OnDisconnect

  • TPsVar.InitialQuality & InitialValue (in specific variable types)

New procedures/functions

  • PsUtils.StrToVariant


  • TPsIBStorage.DatabaseProduct is now fixed to dbInterbaseFirebird

  • Help installation to Delphi 2007

  • Several minor issues

Version 5.0.0

Build: 5.0.0-506

Release date: 07.04.2009

This is a new major release of Prosys Sentrol.

The main changes are to support the Unicode strings everywhere, when compiled with D2009. There are also some bug fixes here and there, and the storage components have been improved remarkably (once again) to actually support different databases (see the new Tutorial project).

Note in OPC development, that Delphi/C++Builder 2009 has changed in the way it initializes COM by default, so it no longer supports CoInitFlags for defining the COM threading model of the main thread (although this is not mentioned in Delphi Help). There is also a new chapter in the Help / Reference Guide about Threading Issues, which you should check.


  • Support for CodeGear Delphi 2009 & C++Builder 2009, including Unicode strings and UInt64 data type

New components

  • TPsWideHistorian

New properties

  • TPsObjectTable.SoftRemove

  • TPsHistorian.Cleaner

  • TPsEventLog.Cleaner

New procedures/functions

  • PsVars.GetVarClassForDataType

  • TPsOPCGroup.GetItemDataType

  • PsUtils.ArrayToStrings, VarArrayToStrings

New Tutorials

  • Tutorial 4 (Storage) rewritten to use all different storage components against different databases (if you have them installed)


  • Several Storage related issues

  • OPCConnector now properly uses delayed writings, if AsyncWrite is set, effectively combining "simultaneous" changes in variables to only one write call

  • Plus a numerous amount of smaller issues