Version 5.0.4

Build: 5.0.4-284

Release date: 27.11.20

This is a minor release of Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server fixing several bugs and adding some small features and performance improvements.


  • Updated OPC UA base information model to version 1.04.7.

  • New: Added auto-update functionality to automatically or manually check for and install newer versions of the application.

  • New: Basic method simulation. Methods can be called and they return value null or 0 (if data type is number).

  • Improvement: Faster application start-up time.

  • Fixed: Several issues related to editing of Nodes, configuring of signals and importing of information models.

Version 5.0.2

Build: 5.0.2-242

Release date: 01.09.20

This is a minor release of Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server fixing several bugs discovered after the previous major release.


  • Uses Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java version 4.4.0.

  • New: Live signal value preview graph.

  • Improvement: Better error feedback for problems that can arise when importing namespaces from NodeSet files.

  • Improvement: Better handling of ValueRank Attribute with simulated Variables.

  • Fixed: Connection failing if client has ApplicationName set to null.

  • Fixed: IPv6 enable/disable not working when Bind Addresses is set to All in the Endpoints View.

  • Fixed: Changes to signal parameters in Objects View were not saved in some instances.

  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to disable essential namespaces in Namespaces View.

  • Fixed: Reload from file…​ in Namespaces View not updating the model in some cases.

  • Fixed: Simulation configuration namespaces are now removed when parent namespace is removed in Namespaces View.

  • Changed: Minimum simulation interval limit lowered to 100 ms.

Version 5.0.0

Build: 5.0.0-214

Release date: 06.07.20

This is a major release of Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server. Starting from this version the Simulation Server features a new commercial Professional Edition unlocking the option to import custom information models.

This release brings major improvements to the customisation of the server address space and the configuration of simulation signals.


  • Uses Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java version 4.3.0.

  • New: Can now create Variables and Objects of any type present on the server.

  • New: Added new Types View for setting signals to types present on the server. All instances of a type can inherit the signal defined for the type.

  • New: Added new Namespaces View for managing the namespaces/information models present on the server.

  • Changed: Simulation View renamed to Objects View and revamped the user interface.