Version 4.0.2

Build: 4.0.2-108

Release date: 24.10.19

This is a security release of Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server.


Version 4.0.0

Build: 4.0.0-105

Release date: 17.09.19

This a major release of Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server. Starting from this version we publish release notes for the application.

This release brings better support for features of the OPC UA Specification version 1.04 and major improvements for the configuration of simulation signals. Additionally this is the first release to use our 4.x line of our Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java. The version numbers will no longer be directly linked, but a 4.x Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server will use some 4.x version of the SDK. Exact SDK version used can be seen in the About dialog.


  • Uses Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java version 4.1.2-876.

  • New: Support for new OPC UA 1.04 security policies.

  • New: Support Reverse Connections defined in 1.04.

  • New: Application debug logs (<user.home>/.prosysopc/prosys-opc-ua-simulation-server/log).

  • New: Expert mode, some of the more advanced tabs are now by default hidden and can be shown by enabling the mode via Options→ Expert Mode.

  • New: Redesigned UI for configuring the simulation signals.

  • New: Added more options for creating, editing and organizing simulation signal Nodes in the server address space.

  • New: DataType for nodes can be selected independently from the simulation signal.

  • New: OSX installer is now signed (but not notarized).

  • New: References view (in Address Space tab) has now the same navigate to node options as in Prosys OPC UA Browser. In addition the address space tree has Navigation arrows to return to previous selections.

  • Improvement: Better installer.

  • Changed: Linux installer (previously deb and rpm packages) is now a .sh script and a proper installer.