Prosys OPC UA Java SDK 3.1.4

This is a new bug fix release of the SDK. It also includes important security fixes.

OPC Foundation Java Stack changes

Changes to SDK common classes

Changes to Client SDK

Changes to Server SDK

This has the side-effect for the following method in NodeManager:

protected NodeId addNode(ServiceContext serviceContext, NodeId nodeId, NodeId parentNodeId, QualifiedName browseName, NodeClass nodeClass, ExpandedNodeId typeDefinitionId, NodeAttributes attributes, NodeId referenceTypeId)

Now the parameters parentNodeId and NodeId are always null when adding nodes from a NodeSet2 XML, and the so called "parent-reference" is added as a normal reference via addReference()

Changes to Code Generator

We recommend regenerating code with 3.1.4 codegen, if you have methods that define an array of some Structure type as their output argument

Changes to SampleConsoleClient

Changes to SampleConsoleServer