Prosys OPC UA Java SDK 3.0.0

This is a new major release of the SDK. It has some major modifications and changes to the previous version 2.x, but old projects can be migrated with little effort to this version. Please see the Migration Guide for details.

Feature Highlights:

OPC Foundation Java Stack changes

Changes to both the Client and Server SDKs

Changes to Client SDK

Changes to Server SDK

Code Generator

Changes to SampleConsoleClient

Changes to SampleConsoleServer


The SDK and Stack jar names have changed slightly due to changes in build processes.

Compliance nodes that were used in the SampleConsoleServer are moved from the SDK to the samples. The original idea was that you could just include ComplianceNodeManager for your server in order to help for the certification process, however in practice that only works for the samples as you need to use the actual nodes of your server. Therefore the related classes are moved to samples.

FileNodeManager and related classes are also moved to be a part of the SampleConsoleServer as the implementation is too application specific and serves better as a sample and a starting point for servers requiring similar functionality.

FileSyncClient class is removed due to the functionality being too unreliable and application specific. If the removal is a problem, let us know.