Prosys OPC UA Java SDK 2.3.0

This is a new minor release of the SDK.

It includes a number of fixes related to the OPC Foundation Compliance Tests. The main fix is to have proper support for Diagnostics. The automatic Compliance Test Tool has a bug that the 'Base Info Diagnostics' Conformance Unit is not selected when 'Standard UA Server' Profile is selected. These tests are now required to pass certification and the SDK is now supporting the diagnostics properly as well.

The C++ SDK is nowadays limiting the number of PublishRequests that it accepts from the client applications (10 by default), and this version of the SDK is adjusted to automatically tune the number of requests as necessary. Also the Java SDK defines a default limit of 100 for the requests

Also this version contains an updated Java Stack, which contains a fix for the long lasting issue of server socket going to CLOSE_WAIT state in some rare circumstances and staying there.

OPC Foundation Java Stack changes

Changes to SDK Client

Changes to SDK Server


Code generator

Plus a number of other small fixes