Prosys OPC UA Java SDK 2.2.2

This is a new bug fix release of the SDK.

One of the main changes is in handling timeouts of Publish Requests, which was a new feature added to version 2.2.0.

On the server side, the request timeout is now properly checked based on the retrieval time of the request - instead of the send time from client (avoiding the effect of clock difference).

On the client side the default timeout is reset to UnsignedInteger.MAX_VALUE - in normal cases the requests will fail if the connection is reset - and only if the responses are supposed to get lost, it is necessary to use a timeout for the requests. If the timeout is used, it must not conflict with the keep alive times, so it should be aligned with the subscription parameters.

Also the encoding and decoding of structures has been improved - especially related to code generation, so you may need to regenerate the structure types, if you have modeled them yourself.

OPC Foundation Java Stack changes

Changes to both SDK Client and Server

Changes to SDK Client

Changes to SDK Server

Code generator


Plus a number of other small fixes