Prosys OPC UA Java SDK 1.3.0

This is a new minor release, with some new features and improvements.

This release includes a lot of fixes due to interoperability testing, especially the Server SDK has a huge number of details which have been corrected while running the Compliance Test Tool (CTT) tests, defined by the OPC Foundation.

This release raises the level of compliance to a very high level and we hope to receive a full Tested status for the SDK later on. The CTT is still under development to finish the Base Profile tests and we will continue the tests as the tool and test scripts evolve.

On client side, communication breaks are now handled automatically with a proper reconnect sequence, which also ensures that all subscription notifications are handled and "republished" if some packets are missed.

This version of the SDK also supports Android development for the Android Dalvik virtual machine. Version 2.3.3 (Phone) and 3.0 (Tablet) onwards are supported, only without security, though.

OPC Foundation Java Stack changes

Changes to both SDK Client and Server

Changes to SDK Client

Changes to SDK Server

Changes to the Sample applications