Prosys OPC UA Java SDK 1.0.2

This is the first version to include both Client and Server development capabilities in Prosys OPC UA Java SDK.

SDK Server is now at first official BETA. SDK Client has a couple of important updates.


There is also a Server Tutorial, which will help you to the beginning, with a SampleConsoleServer application that demonstrates how the SDK is designed to help you creating your own server applications.

There are still plenty of things to do in the server side, but we are very happy with the current status already, and you can start designing your own servers based on that. Be prepared to changes coming along - and note that not all of the features are there yet, even if it looks like it :)

SDK CLIENT updated!

SDK Client release 1.0 has also been updated, and we recommend that you switch to the new release. The changes are mostly minor, but there are some breaking changes. See the list below.

The Client Tutorial has also been updated accordingly.

* Changes in SDK Client:

The certificates are also created with the URL and therefore the initialization of the ApplicationIdentity has changed - BE SURE TO MODIFY your application initialization according to the new SampleConsoleClient.

Note that a similar fix is also coming to other UA SDKs and products. For example, Unified Automation applications will use ApplicationURI in the March releases. So the currentversions of other application may complain about your certificates and your applications will not accept certificates of other applications (if you are using the validator similar to SampleConsoleClient) . But nevertheless, things will settle and we are on the right track now.