Version 1.1.0

Build: 1.1.0-206

Release date: 27.11.20

This version adds new features and fixes various known issues.

The ability to use the application with multiple configuration files has been improved by creating a file association between the application and uamonitor-files during the installation. A uamonitor-file specifies the entirety of the application’s configuration. Opening a uamonitor-file will open the application with the configuration specified in the loaded file. Any changes made to the loaded configuration are saved to the opened uamonitor-file.

No more than one instance of Prosys OPC UA Monitor can be open at any time. Opening a uamonitor-file when the application is already running does not affect the application.

Most gauges now support showing Limit Notifications. These notifications are shown in the Monitoring View and support displaying customized messages when Alarms and Warnings are activated and deactivated. Limit Notifications are enabled by checking the Show Notifications checkbox in Gauge Setting dialog, and they can be customized by clicking on Configure Notifications button next to the checkbox.

Additionally, the application now has an automatic updates check feature. By default, it checks weekly during application launch, but this can be configured during installation on the same screen as adding a desktop shortcut. There is also a never option, if you do not wish to enable this check to happen automatically. You can also launch the check manually via Help → Check for Updates…​ menu option.

General Changes

Changes to Gauges, Panel Editor Tab and Monitoring View

  • New: Limit Notifications have been added to Classic Circle, Classic Quadrant, Modern Circle, Modern Semicircle, Bar, Numeric and Trend Chart gauges.

  • New: Modern Semicircle gauge type has been added.

  • New: Color selection has been added to all types of gauges.

  • New: Various customization options have been added for Trend Chart gauges.

  • New: Gauge Character Set and Gauge Style settings have been added to Panel Settings.

  • Changed: Text and Numeric gauge type has been divided into two gauge types. Text gauge type is optimized for displaying text values. Numeric gauge type is optimized for displaying number values as text.

  • Changed: Trend Chart gauges use a timestamp received from the Server instead of local time when adding new values to the chart. If the received timestamp is invalid, local time will be used instead.

  • Changed: Writing new values in Monitoring View no longer opens a dialog. Instead, writing controls and results are shown on the gauge.

  • Improvement: Gauges warn the user whenever they receive a DataValue with Bad StatusCode.

  • Improvement: Gauges warn the user if their signal is missing. Clicking on the warning will prompt the user to either remove the gauge or edit it to use another signal.

  • Fixed: Reducing the number of rows will remove gauges left outside the resized grid. The application will prompt the user to confirm such operation.

  • Fixed: A bug where Classic Quadrant gauges could prevent clicking on controls of nearby gauges has been fixed.

  • Fixed: A bug where gauges using signals based on Nodes of removed Source Servers could cause Panel Editor to become unresponsive has been fixed.

Changes to Source Servers Tab

  • New: Support for connecting to Servers via OPC UA HTTPS has been added.

  • Improvement: When removing Source Servers the user is prompted to also remove gauges that use any of the signals to be removed. If the user chooses to not remove such gauges, a warning is shown on them in Monitor Panel Editor.

  • Fixed: Modifying a Source Server such that its Application URI changes will no longer cause creating a new Source Server.

    OPC UA Servers are identified by their Application URI. Therefore, Monitor does not support adding multiple Source Servers with the same Application URI to a configuration. Attempting to change the Application URI of an existing Source Server to that of another existing Source Server will merge the Source Servers into a single Source Server.
  • Fixed: Certificate Authority (CA) certificates are no longer required to provide Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) to pass certificate validation.

Changes to Signal Groups Tab

  • Changed: Collection Groups tab has been renamed to Signal Groups.

  • Changed: The active Signal Group is selected from a drop-down menu.

  • Improvement: Icons are shown for signals that are used by gauges.

  • Improvement: Address Space browser now supports selecting multiple Nodes and dragging them to a Signal Group.

  • Improvement: When removing Signal Groups or signals the user is prompted to also remove gauges that use any of the signals to be removed. If the user chooses to not remove such gauges, a warning is shown on them in Monitor Panel Editor.

  • Fixed: Newly added signals and Signal Groups must have unique names. This doesn’t affect signals and Signal Groups loaded from existing uamonitor-files.

    The user is prompted to rename Signal Groups that share a name. The name of a Signal Group is used to identify it and having multiple Signal Groups with a common name will cause unexpected behavior!

Changes to Certificates Tab

  • Improvement: Specifying the location of certificates directory in uamonitor-files has been made optional. If this information is not specified in the loaded configuration, the default certificates directory will be used instead.

  • Fixed: The list of certificates and their statuses are updated when accepting and rejecting certificates while adding a new Source Server or modifying an existing one.

Version 1.0.4

Build: 1.0.4-94

Release date: 04.08.20

Fixed issues which could prevent the application from starting.


  • Fixed: Certain initial value fetching logic had a race condition which could prevent the application from starting up.

Version 1.0.2

Build: 1.0.2-90

Release date: 07.07.20

Hotfix release for few issues found for 1.0.0.

The application version 1.0.0 stored the license.lic in wrong place when it was entered from the Help → Enter License, thus you will need to re-enter the license if you did so with 1.0.0. Alternatively you can copy it to <user.home>/.prosysopc/prosys-opc-ua-monitor/license.lic


  • Uses Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java version 4.3.0-1075 (

  • Fixed: Use system menu bar on macOS.

  • Fixed: License file is stored in correct location now.

  • Fixed: Linux and macOS versions can enter license via the menus.

  • Fixed: Removing a source server didn’t remove it’s signals, which could have lead the application to not start or shutdown properly.

  • Fixed: When adding a new Source Server the Certificate accept/reject dialog happens before connect (and the accept once button was removed as didn’t make sense in this application’s context).

  • Changed: Attributes and References side panel in Collection Groups is not expanded by default.

  • Improvement: Show remaining demo or evaluation time in the title bar.

  • Improvement: Removed the cannot connect dialog on startup, the info is visible from Source Servers view or from the gauges itself.

Plus a number of other small changes.

Version 1.0.0

Build: 1.0.0-80

Release date: 01.07.20

Initial release of Prosys OPC UA Monitor. Initial functionality was in the Prosys OPC UA Client Pro prototypes, but it was decided that a standalone application would be more suited for this kind of use-cases.