Prosys OPC UA Client 3.2.0-328 Download

Release date: 2019-03-07

Here you will find the official distribution of the Prosys OPC UA Client application.

License Terms

Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server is covered by the license terms in Prosys_OPC_UA_Client_License.pdf.

By downloading the Prosys OPC UA Client, you accept the license terms.

System Requirements

The application is a "self-contained" package (made with JavaFX packaging tools), it contains a private JRE for running the application, so no Java install is required.


By downloading the Prosys OPC UA Client, you accept the license terms.


On Windows, run the installer executable and follow instructions. By default the application is installed with normal user privileges under your home directory. If you want to install it to, for example, Program Files, you need to run the installer as administrator.

On OS X, you can just install it normally from the dmg-package. Just note that the application is not signed, so you need to accept it in the first startup. Since OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion), this requires that you open the application using the right-click menu - Open. You can then accept the application to be run, although it is not signed. After the first startup, you can run it normally from the Launch Pad as well. See this for more information about the Apple Gatekeeper options.

On Debian-based Linux (such as Ubuntu), use

sudo dpkg -i prosys-opc-ua-client-3.2.0-328.deb

On RPM-based Linux (such as Fedora), use

sudo rpm -i prosys-opc-ua-client-3.2.0-328.x86_64.rpm


On Windows the application can be uninstalled through the Control Panel, or with the uninstaller (in the installation folder).

On OS X you can just remove the application directory from the Applications folder.

On Debian-based Linux use sudo dpkg -r prosys-opc-ua-client

On RPM-based Linux use sudo rpm -e prosys-opc-ua-client

User Manual

The User Manual for the application is installed into <install_location>/app/doc. You can open it from the Help menu or you can read it here: Prosys_OPC_UA_Client_UserManual.pdf.


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